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About us

Bombun is a social platform for adult entertainment based in Orlando founded in 2020. On the platform content creators can earn income from users subscribed to their profile and also receive funds directly from their fans with a monthly subscription, or with the sale of exclusive content.

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In order to be approved as a Model, two photos must be submitted:

  1. A close-up photo of your government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, ID card);
  2. A photo of you (selfie) holding the same ID. Make sure your face is fully visible and the ID is fully visible.  

Please note the following requirements which must be met for ANY uploaded image:

  1. Images may not be edited, cropped, or re-sized;
  2. All images must be in color;
  3. Submitted documents must be a photo or a scanned copy. Electronic documents or a photo of a photo will be rejected;
  4. All 4 corners of the document must be visible;
  5. The entire government-issued, non-expired ID must be shown. No parts of the document may be redacted, covered, cut, or censored;
  6. Files must be . in PNG or . JPG format and under 5MB in size;
  7. The provided document shall not expire for at least 30 days from the date of submission. 

Creators will be required to pass third-party ID verification.

To start earning on Bombun, please do the following:

  • Add your bank account that is in your own name
  • The bank account should be in the same country as the country that issued the verified photo ID of the CreatorAs an alternate payout method.
  • Complete your W-9 form (for US Creators)
  • Make sure your account is verified
  • Make sure you have set your subscription price
  • Make content the users can buy

Note: You may be unable to set a subscription price until your account has been approved.

The available payout methods are determined by your location.
Your Statements page will display your Payout Request, Pending Balance, and Earnings.
The Pending Balance is the amount that you have earned during the last 7 days. Your earnings become available for withdrawal from the Current Balance on a 7-day rolling basis.
Creators in a small number of countries that receive high levels of reversed transactions will have Pending Balances for 21 days. After four months from the first earned transaction, payouts switch to a 7-day rolling basis.

  • Fans that have paid your subscription price can see your Feed.
  • Fans can view all your current posts and future posts after they subscribe.
  • The content contained within your posts is hidden for non-subscribers.
  • Please note that all content must comply with our Terms of Service or be subject to suspension or closure.

Yes, nudity is allowed in your posts and messages as long as it is within our Guidelines, however, nudity is not allowed in your profile avatar or header. 


Yes, It is possible to hide your profile from certain countries or users


Yes, It is possible to hide your profile from certain countries or users


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